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Sun Coast Electronics

Sun Coast Electronics is a one-stop-shop for IT system design and resale services. We work to provide businesses with cost-effective solutions and unparalleled system design. Our trained and knowledgeable staff are readily available to answer any questions you may have in recycling or acquiring your company’s IT equipment, and in designing your company’s IT infrastructure.

We pride ourselves in being customer focused, innovative, and honest. The staff at SCE work closely with our clients to gain a complete understanding of your business goals and vision. We are in constant communication with you throughout the process of procuring equipment and system design. Our hardware and software designs are tailored to your business needs, accounting for associated costs and projected growth. At SCE we offer transparency in the design of your systems, both hardware and software, and will never try to sell you parts you don’t need.

Why Choose Sun Coast Electronics

Minimizing Risks, Maximizing Opportunities

Vision Aligned Solutions

Environmentally Responsible Practices

System Reliability

Holistic Approach

Experienced Staff

Exceptional Service

What Our Clients Say

At Sun Coast Electronics, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our clients and providing a superior customer experience.

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