Electronic Resale

At Sun Coast Electronics, we buy and sell IT equipment.

If you are looking to upgrade your IT equipment, there is no easier or affordable way to do it than through us.

Our technicians are able to securely dispose of any important information and evaluate your hardware for resale value. That value can be returned to you in cash or towards a future purchase of our refurbished equipment.


  • Any hardware that doesn’t meet our standards for resale is recycled safely and in compliance with state and federal environmental laws. Your technology never ends up in a landfill or dumped overseas.
  • Doing business with SCE gives you the added benefit of our staff’s technical knowledge. They are able to configure a machine to meet your specific needs, so you are never over-paying for technology you don’t need.
  • In addition to IT equipment resale, we also offer additional services in system architecture design, system engineering design, and network configuration. This provides you with a complete IT solution, from purchasing one of our certified refurbished products to the design and build of your IT system.

Why sell to SCE?

At SCE we offer IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). ITAD is an end-to-end service including secure data destruction, hard drive destruction, recycling and the environmentally safe disposal of electronics. All data destruction is done in compliance with NIST (NIST SP800-88) and NCSC (NCSC-TG-025).

We remove any company identifiers and destruction is witnessed and occurs onsite. As an added benefit of doing business with SCE, we offer cash for any hardware we are able to retain and resell.

Why buy from SCE?

When you buy from SCE, you are receiving tested, affordable, and reliable systems. Our refurbished products go through extensive testing by our certified technicians and must pass a functionality test prior to being sold.

Any components that are found to be compromised are replaced and the entire unit is cleaned. We stand by our refurbished products and only offer equipment of the highest quality.

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